The ChocoFlop project has been discontinued years ago!

Note that the app still works on Leopard (it used to be buggy on Snow Leopard) and can be downloaded for free. All limitations have been removed (no serial needed). However there will be no further development down the road. My humble opinion is that PixelMator is the best out there in this category, so buy it and support the developers! I did.




Mac Intel or PowerPC G4.
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

A good, CoreImage-supported, graphics card is strongly recommended to enjoy full speed. (Think of the NVIDIA 8800 on recent MacBook pros).

Non-destructive image editing for your mac

Use your graphics card to edit your pictures in a snap, without destroying them

coreimage ChocoFlop allows you to edit your photos or design stuff using Apple's CoreImage technology. It takes advantage of the power of your graphics card (GPU).

tools Because of this it can show real-time previews of filters and keep modifications live for as long as you want.

This means that you can add for example a blur filter on your text and keep everything dynamic. You can change the strength of your blur filter at any time or edit your text, the blur will apply on the updated text. That's called non-destructive image edition and it really saves you a lot of time.

It's small and fast because it's designed exclusively for your mac!

mac Unlike well established image editing monster tools, ChocoFlop only weighs a few megabytes and launches in two seconds on a cheap mac.

ChocoFlop has beeen designed from the ground up to run on mac using the latest technology available.

Save for web

crush All operations in ChocoFlop are done in full color (or even HDR) but when it comes to the web you want to get the smallest possible size. ChocoFlop interfaces with the command-line power of ImageMagick to help you save the smallest possible jpeg, gif or png files in a simple and intuitive interface.

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