The ChocoFlop project has been discontinued years ago!

Note that the app still works on Leopard (it used to be buggy on Snow Leopard) and can be downloaded for free. All limitations have been removed (no serial needed). However there will be no further development down the road. My humble opinion is that PixelMator is the best out there in this category, so buy it and support the developers! I did.
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latest version: 0.909
Mon. 14 Sep. 2009
2.72 Mb

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Download ChocoFlop for free and use it today

chocoflop logo Please note that this is BETA software. It may not always work as expected. You might want to work with copies of your images.

The only limitation on the free version is a brain-challenging (actually very simple) math question upon saving. If this annoys you just use the free license I've made available (or buy a real license to show your support).

ImageMagick - Required for Web Export functionality

imagemagick icon Download ImageMagick mini package

ImageMagick is an opensource package for image manipulation via the command-line. ChocoFlop uses it to export images for the web. Since the original package is a bit bulky and complicated to find, unpack and point to, I just built a simple, trimmed-down package that you can install with a click. If you use Tiger (OSX 10.4), you might need to install X11 for ImageMagick to work. This is also available on your OSX installation CD.

Additional downloads (optional)

growl icon Growl
Growl is free and open-source software that displays beautiful notifications. ChocoFlop takes advantage of this but works fine without it.
noise industries logo Additional CoreImage filters for ChocoFlop (and other apps) by Noise Industries
Download and install these good quality filters that add some useful filters such as 'drop shadow'.
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