The ChocoFlop project has been discontinued years ago!

Note that the app still works on Leopard (it used to be buggy on Snow Leopard) and can be downloaded for free. All limitations have been removed (no serial needed). However there will be no further development down the road. My humble opinion is that PixelMator is the best out there in this category, so buy it and support the developers! I did.

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iconwritePowerPC compatibility

September 14, 2009, 21:10

Oops, it seems the previous released was compiled without PowerPC code. My apologies to the G4/G5 users who reported this.

It won't work on snow leopard but at least it'll work for those with PowerPC machines who cannot upgrade anyway :-)

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iconwriteSoftware rendering works on Snow Leopard

September 10, 2009, 01:10

I just experimented a bit tonight with ChocoFlop on snow leopard and I noticed that if I forced software rendering (in preferences/technical), then rendering was fine.

Of course sofware rendering is much slower so this is not a solution, but it can get you through the day.

Also I found out that if I didn't call CIImageAccumulator's undocumented (but pretty useful) method named 'commitUpdates:' at lot of the corruption disappeared. Sadly without this most of the changes in the document are lost, but it sure *looks* like you can almost use it...

Good night :-)

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iconwriteSnow Leopard: Time to let it go

September 8, 2009, 21:50

When I came home after a long day of work tonigh, I decided to spend a few hours trying to fix ChocoFlop so that it would work again in Snow Leopard. I am afraid to say not only I didn't make it but I don't think I will be able to do it without spending weeks on it... And sadly, all I have is a few evenings here and there. So don't get your hopes high up for an update that fixes it this week.

While the application worked decently on (the old) Leopard the new version of the OS makes it useless . Barely anything works anymore :-( It has become slow, uses a lot of CPU. I don't know what changed but this is probably something deep in the roots CoreImage. Maybe updates to Snow Leopard will fix the issues it brought and ChocoFlop will run decently on 10.6.1 but I just wouldn't count on it.

On the whole, the truth is that ChocoFlop was a rather ambitious project. A little too ambitious to work on it on a "some evenings" basis. I started this on my iBook in 2004, having never written a mac application in my life before. I programmed on a G4 machine that didn't support CoreImage other than through software emulation. The very skeleton of the application still dates from back then. The app was based on a technology that wasn't designed to run on my poor machine. This triggered a lot of bad design choices. Moreover working on such a project one night every month made me forget half of the stuff I started and add feature bloat where I should have been fixing/rewriting the skeleton.

So the question is: can I fix it? The answer is: yes, but it would start by opening XCode and starting a new fresh project. Sadly, I simply cannot commit to that anytime soon.

The good news?

If you're still using Leopard or Tiger it still works fine. The new version I am releasing here will not expire, nor require a serial number.

So you're releasing the source right ?

It's a very bad source. Not only would I be slightly ashamed of the quality of the code but I wouldn't recommend anyone doing anything or it, much less trying to fix it. It would be a terrible waste of time. Also I am too tired to setup a SVN repository.

Hey, I donated! You're screwing me off!

Well, yes, sort of. If you gave something recently and feel deeply wronged, I'll give you your money back. In the meantime I'll try to find a solution that may please everyone. I'll post about it if it works out.

PS:Sorry for any mistakes, I am typing this straight into the database since I haven't restored the backoffice part of the website, since my webserver's harddrive crashed, just after the provider which hosted the backups complained about too much disk usage (which is why I lack some recent backups). There are times when everything comes crashing down :-)

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iconwriteAny Snow Leopard issues?

August 29, 2009, 12:18

I just received a report that there are issues with ChocoFlop on Snow Leopard. If you can confirm any of these please post a comment (with the name of your mac model and graphics card).

I haven't received my Leopard DVD yet. So much for preordering. I hope I can find a quick fix when this little box arrives.

PS: I got a weird duplicate key issue while adding this post (but there was no such key!), so I ran mysql 'repair table'. The issue was fixed. But somehow.. this TRASHED all the posts. Sadly I never found the time for moving the backup scripts to S3 (after the previous solution failed due to dreamhost banning backups). As a results those posts are lost forever :-( I really need to motivate myself to change those backup scripts.

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