The ChocoFlop project has been discontinued years ago!

Note that the app still works on Leopard (it used to be buggy on Snow Leopard) and can be downloaded for free. All limitations have been removed (no serial needed). However there will be no further development down the road. My humble opinion is that PixelMator is the best out there in this category, so buy it and support the developers! I did.

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Software rendering works on Snow Leopard

September 10, 2009, 01:10

I just experimented a bit tonight with ChocoFlop on snow leopard and I noticed that if I forced software rendering (in preferences/technical), then rendering was fine.

Of course sofware rendering is much slower so this is not a solution, but it can get you through the day.

Also I found out that if I didn't call CIImageAccumulator's undocumented (but pretty useful) method named 'commitUpdates:' at lot of the corruption disappeared. Sadly without this most of the changes in the document are lost, but it sure *looks* like you can almost use it...

Good night :-)

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